Meet Nym

Personal websites without limits

Your personal website, blog posts, bookmarks, newsletters & notes should be owned by you, not a corporation.

Why Nym?

Developers trust Nym for hosting their personal web presence.

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    Built by the community

    Open-source is in the heart of Nym. We keep all the source code and work publicly available.

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    Blazing Fast

    Nym is built on clean, open-source, semantic, standards-compliant code including Next.js, Prisma, React, Tiny & Apollo.

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    Censorship resistant

    You publish it, you own it. Nym is a federated platform built on the activiypub protocol so your content is freely transportable.

Nym Features

Creative formats & functions that go way beyond blogging.


A simple, text-based blogging platform, without the bells and whistles.


Keep a history of your favorite links, for others to benefit from.


Answer questions submitted directly from your community members.


Create customized pages and showcase your creativity.


Build your newsletter and send posts over email.

Projects (coming soon)

Your projects, showcased the way they deserve.

Payments (coming soon)

Send and receive payments anywhere across borders with no added fees.

Messages (coming soon)

Communicate with your community members.

Polls (coming soon)

Poll your audience on important topics.

Built for speed and scale, using modern technologies


Explore the Nym-verse

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