Get Nym

If you’ve used Medium or Wordpress, you already know how to use Nym. Pay once, download and host your site on your own server or let us host it for you.


Paid once

What’s included? Super simple website builder, without a subscription. And you get the code, too.
  • The code

  • Easy installation

  • Free updates to any 1.x version

  • Bare bones support


Per year

What’s included? Everything in Self-hosted + Our White-glove setup, which also includes:
  • Website Hosting

  • SSL Certificate

  • Import Linkedin History

  • Blog Post Archive Import

  • Custom Domain Configuration

  • Access to Private Job Board

  • Access to Consulting Projects

I was able to get my site live easily, barely any work and no compromise. Blown away!


Twitch Streamer

Nym Use Cases

It fits in a lot of places

  • 1

    As your primary personal site

    Tired of paying month after month forever just to host your personal website? Slash your costs, switch to Nym, and make it your primary website.

  • 2

    As your 'nym' site

    Want to keep your existing site, but need an alternate for your side hustle? Don’t pay in perpetuity for something on standby — just pay once for Nym.

  • 3

    As an educational tool

    Buy Nym (self-HOSTED) and you get the code. Dissect it, study it, modify it, examine it from the inside. Let our high code standards rub off on you.

  • 4

    For hosting communities

    Share a link and instantly establish a community website for all your group.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    Just $149, once, really? Is there a catch?

    Yes, Self-Hosted Nym is just $149, once. No catch. You buy it, it’s yours. Unless you want us to host it for you

  • 2

    How do updates work? Do they cost extra?

    As far as cost goes, if it’s on the same root version you have — like from 1.0 to 1.1 — the update will be free. Jumping version numbers (from 1.x to 2.x, for example), may cost extra. It’ll be up to you if you want to jump versions.

  • 3

    Is customer support included?

    Bare bones support is included, yes. That means we’re happy to occasionally help with the basics, but we can’t troubleshoot complex custom installations, or fix stuff you broke when you changed the code.

  • 4

    Can we white label or resell Nym?

    Not currently. If interested, contact us at and we’ll keep you in mind should we change our mind. Please be sure to review the license agreement for further details.

  • 5

    Can we run Nym on a shared server like DigitalOcean?

    Absolutely. Wherever you can host something like WordPress or Ghost you can host Nym.

  • 6

    Can we import your Wordpress, Medium, Ghost blog or LinkedIn profile into Nym?

    Not currently on our self-hosted plan. For our hosted plan, we do offer a migration service.